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  3. Miike Snow ‘Black and Blue” from Matthias Koenigswieser on Vimeo.

    Dir: Vincent Haycock
    DP: Matthias Koenigswieser
    Streetgang Films 2009

  4. Reebok // Miranda Kerr from The Wall Group on Vimeo.

    Reebok Skyscape
    Directed by Dave Meyers
    Styled by Kate Young

  7. //mother// #wcw #bw #downtown

  8. Morris - King Mez from Myriad Media on Vimeo.

    Produced by: Myriad Media myriadmedia.net/morris-a-campsite-expedition + Summit Collective - summitcmedia.com/ for kingmez.com

    Directors: Kent Willard + Scott Gaston
    Director of Photography: Kyle Messina
    Gaffer: Matt Hedt
    MōVI Op: Gray McClamrock + Holt Menzies
    Steadicam Op: Kyle Messina
    Focus Puller: Kent Willard
    Producer: Shawn Lamons
    Assistant Director: Brett Abramsky
    Key Grip: Sam Kim
    Grip: Matt Carter + Brian Korff
    Set Photographer: Ethan Messina
    Editor: Kent Willard
    Colorist: Kyle Messina

    Thoughts from Director Kent Willard (@myriad_kent): Here is project we just released in which we took on the challenge of mixing cameras and relatively “new to us” technology. We used the Black Magic Cinema Camera in 2.5K combined with the Sony FS700 outputting to an Odyssey 7Q in 4K. The reasoning behind the always scary challenge of mixing cameras was solely based on weight. Running a MōVI M10 or any 3-axis gimbal system with the awkwardly shaped and weight distributed FS700 body is near impossible without longer stage arms. So we chose to fly the BMCC on the M10 and run the FS700 on our Steadicam Archer 2 sled.

    Once we got past the concerns of mixing the two cameras we quickly realized the two work great together and allowed for us to run vastly different rigs. We flew the BMCC on the M10 with a 14mm Canon Cine Prime running two Bartechs for focus and iris. For the FS700 we ran the 30-105mm Canon Cine Zoom also with two Bartechs for focus and zoom. The two setups allowed us to have some fun with the MōVI M10 set up by building rigs to boom out of and pass off through windows. In a more finessed studio setting, we ran the FS700.

    In post we were surprised how the two actually matched quite well. It seemed the sensor on the FS700 was inherently a bit warmer but still a close matchup once graded and processed. Of course, the latitude of each sensor is slightly different and the FS700’s grain is a bit noisier than the BMCC. All in all, we are hyped on how the two paired together for the final and ultimately made for a great production package side by side.

  9. Cereal from Tyler Harmon-Townsend on Vimeo.

    Since I was a boy my favorite snack was cereal. Though the ritual of preparing a bowl was a most essential part of the process to me, it has also brought great strife. Through this piece, I combat my troublesome tendencies and overcome a small but important conflict that has riddled my cereal-eating for so many years.